MK7 AC Vent Pod & Accessport Install

Tools needed:

1.Place tape along the right edge of the vent seam to prevent scuffing the cluster trim. Then use a bone tool or pick to begin prying out the right edge. Just pry slightly to begin separating the two pieces of trim. 

2. Move to the opposite edge and pry to slide the vent assembly forward. 

3. Once the vent assembly begins to move forward, it should get significantly easier to slide out. If it gets stuck, it is likely the 4 retainer tabs on the top and bottom. Use a bone tool to release them.(see image 4) 

4. Slide a bone tool in the gap between the dash and vent assembly to release the tabs. use your other hand to keep outward pressure on the vent so they dont clip back into place. 

5. Use pennies, a bone tool or pick to release the 8 clips around the edge of the vent to release the from trim. Start on one edge, release the clips, gently pull the front trim forward to prevent them from reengaging, and move to the next edge working your way around the outside. 

6. Pry the left edge of the vent fin assembly to release it from the vent duct. There are 2 tabs that retain it. 

7. Pry the bottom edge of the inner vent fins up, then they can slide forward and pop out. There are two tabs on the outer edges that retain it. 

8. Place the CJM Vent into place, drop in the right edge first, then the left edge. 

9. Place the front trim back in place, line up the 4 edges and make sure that the 8 front trim tabs will slide over the outside of the duct tabs. 

10. If it gets stuck, don't force it, the tabs are fragile. The front trim commonly gets stuck on the rubber of the duct flap dial. Gently press on the bottom edge of the front trim to help slide it over the wheel. Check that all 8 tabs have fully seated. 

11. Install the adhesive tab along the edge of the pod. This will be used to retain the gauge. 

12. Go back to your car. Remove the dash trim panel on the left side door jamb by prying along the right edge. Once its separated you can slide a finger behind the panel and pop it out.  

13.  Install your gauge in the pod, and fish the wires out the back. You can go along the right side of the vent flap for electronic gauges, or drill a hole on the right side of the duct (see image 14). 

14. Drilling is suggested for mechanical gauges to allow more room for the vacuum line and maintain the ability to close the AC vent flap. Anywhere along this edge works well to provide clearance behind the dash. 

15. Fish your wires down into the side of the dash using either of these holes. Then carefully slide the vent assembly back into place while pulling the wires down from the dash cavity to prevent pinching them. Press the vent in until the tab clip into place. 

16. Wiring Option 1: Use a fuse tap on the panel for power, then run signal wires out the grommet to your sensor in the bay.

*Refer to your gauge instructions for details how to wire your specific gauge and use an appropriately sized fuse. 

17. Wiring Option 2: Route wiring into the engine bay through the grommet in the firewall near the pedals (left of the clutch pedal in this picture)

*Refer to your gauge instructions for details how to wire your specific gauge and use an appropriately sized fuse. 

18. Pop vent assembly back into place to complete!