Touareg T3 / 7P (2011-2017)

Defrost Vent Gauge Pod

(Under Revision 1/25/2024)


If you are installing this part when the outside temperature is below 55*F / 12*C - run your defrost on full heat for at least 15 minutes to warm up the dash. This will give the dash more flexibility to slide in the vent base. The vent is designed to be slightly larger than the OEM one to keep the pod from excessively vibrating. Failure to warm up the dash may cause the vent base to crack during install.

2. Remove the side dash panel. There is a small notch at the bottom you can insert a trim tool or dull flat head screw driver to pry out. 

3. Here is the back of the panel.  The 3 tabs circled in white are held in with metal snap clips. 

The white soft plugs on the pegs are to reduce noise in the cabin. If they fall off, make sure to reinstall them when reinstalling the panel. 

4.  Use a sharp pick tool or similar object to poke a hole in the defrost duct. We will use this to transfer the location below and verify we have enough clearance around the hole for wiring. 

The duct has 2 creases in it, marked in red. Poke your hole between them on the left side of the duct. 

5. Look up from the side of the dash to verify placement. 

6. If everything looks good, shove a rag in the duct hole to catch shavings. 

Drill out the hole to fit the gauge harness you are installing. 

Vacuum out the shavings. 

7. Install the included adhesive pad along the edge of the pod. Most gauges will friction fit. If it doesn't:

8. Install your gauge into the pod, and pull the wiring down through the wiring hole in the pod and vent, then into the fuse panel area. 

9. Align the pod in the dash, the vent fins should face out towards the door to allow the defrost to still function. 

10. This step will vary depending on your gauge selection. 

Some gauges will plug right into the OBDII port below the dash. 

If yours requires a remote sensor, there is a firewall grommet behind the fuse panel area if you need to wire into the engine bay. 

11. Reinstall the side dash panel. Install the left edge first, into the weatherstripping, then press the panel near the 3 clips until they seat and retain the panel.