MK7/7.5 Golf (All variants)

Defrost Vent Accessport Mount (V1 & V2)


If you are installing this part when the outside temperature is below 55*F / 12*C - run your defrost on full heat for at least 15 minutes to warm up the dash. This will give the dash more flexibility to slide in the vent base. The vent is designed to be slightly larger than the OEM one to keep the pod from excessively vibrating. Failure to warm up the dash may cause the vent base to crack during install.

2. Remove the side dash panel. You can also partially remove this trim piece along the front of the jamb to get a better view of the defrost ducting. It is only retained by the weatherstripping. 

3. Place a rag in the defrost duct to retain drill shavings. Run your finger up behind the dash from the door jamb panel to feel for the defrost vent duct. It is thinner, slightly flexible plastic compared to the AC duct. Once you locate it, use a straight pick tool, or small drill bit to check your outlet location in the duct (white arrow).

4. The hole will need extend wider than the plastic structure opening, so it will overlap into this vertical rib. 

5.  Enlarge the hole to fit your Accessport plug. use a drill bit the thickness of the plug, and carefully rock the drill back and forth to create a slot.  Be careful to keep the drill at the same angle, pointing up and drill slowly. Check above the dash to make sure you will hit the defrost duct, not the AC duct. 

6. Plug in the OBDII end of the cable. 

7. Route it up through the dash into the hole you just drilled. 

8.Loosen the black bolt so it is flush with the bottom of the lower clamping part. Press the clamping piece up into the hexagonal hole at an angle. 

9. Don't install the arm yet, this image is just for reference. After installing the vent, we will be rotating the clamping arm with the hex key to lock the arm in place perpendicular to the vent edges. This is what the installed part will look like inside the vent. 

10. Insert the back edge of the vent into the dashboard opening about halfway between the front edge and back edge. Make sure the back edge of the vent goes down fully.


11. Now slide the vent towards the right, tight to the rear edge of the vent opening. Align your wiring into the slot in the vent base. Then gently press down on the front edge using a few fingers to apply even pressure. 

12. Lift the upper arm to pull the clamp into the hexagonal hole. Make note of where the notch on the lower clamp shaft is. Use the Allen key to gently press the bolt down enough to push the clamp out the bottom of the hex hole. Rotate so the notch lines up on the clamp shaft and vent. Lift the upper arm up to reseat the clamp into the hex hole. Hold the arm up as you tighten the bolt to keep the clamp in position. 

14. Once you have the upper arm snug to the vent, ensure your rotation is correct. There is a registration pin on the bottom of the arm and matching dimple in the vent. Tighten it fully. This just needs to remove the play in the assembly. Don't over tighten it, you will strip the nut or crack the clamp arm. 

When in doubt, finish the install, and if the arm vibrates too much, come back and tighten it again. 

15. Install the included adhesive strip onto the back of your Accessport holster. This usually rattles. Reinstall the ball mount on the holster. 

16. Loosen the wing nut on the arm. Hold the arm, and press in the accessport ball mount. Tighten the wing nut.


17. Take it for a test drive. Expect some vibration from the holder if your car is tuned with aftermarket motor or transmission mounts since this is attached to the dash. 

Check the black bolt for the clamp after the first drive in case the mount settled.