DSG Paddle Pins

Last revised November 2023

This install applies to:

2. Turn your steering wheel 180° so that the top of the wheel is facing the ground.

Use narrow needle nose pliers to grab the head of the pin and pull up. Use a flashlight if you can't see the location. 

3. The paddle may stay in place by itself. 

If it falls out, make sure you slide the outer edge into position first (opposite the pin hole).  Also double check that the silicone buttons are still in place - (see image 1)

4. This image shows how far the pin will need to be inserted. The wide end will be flush with the seam between the leather and plastic (white arrow). 

This ensures that the retaining clip (blue arrow) is engages to hold the pin in place. 

5.  Put your paddle in place, ensure the outside edge is under the retaining clip. 

Feed the pin from ABOVE, since the bottom of the steering wheel is upside down. Gently jiggle the paddle to line up the pin if it doesn't slide in freely. 

After it is about three quarters of the way installed, the pin may get stuck, slowly move around the bottom edge of the paddle while gently pressing the pin to make sure it fully seats into the second set of holes on the wheel and paddle. 

Once it is flush with the paddle, you can use a pick or flathead to press it the rest of the way in. 

6Repeat for the other paddle. DONE!