Drilling Splitter Blade for Subframe Bracket

Tools Required:

This install applies to V2 and V4 chassis mounted splitter blades.

1. Place a strip of tape (preferably 2" wide) along the rear edge of the blade, and use a tape measure to mark center towards the inside edge of the tape. 

Double check your dimension from the opposite end to ensure you are centered (+/- 1/8" is acceptable accuracy). 

2. Using the included drill guide, center the notch on the your mark. Press the ledge of the guide up tight to the blade. 

3. Drill a hole with a 6mm / 1/4" drill bit.  

4. Line up the subframe panel bracket onto the blade, using that first hole to position it left to right. Use the edge of the bracket that has a square notch in it. 

5. Transfer the other hole positions onto the blade, doing you best to center them in the rivnut position. Mark each one with a pen or punch tool. These do not need to be perfect! 

6. Use the drill guide to position each hole the correct distance from the rear edge of the blade. This offset dimension is more important to keep accurate.  

After drilling all holes, install the center bolt, and check the remaining holes. If any do not line up, the outer holes (not center hole) can be reamed out to 8mm if needed. We use a large flange head bolt to compensate for an oversized hole.  

Now you can return to the install.