Defrost Vent Gauge Pod

This install applies to the following models:


If you are installing this part when the outside temperature is below 55*F / 12*C - run your defrost on full heat for at least 15 minutes to warm up the dash. This will give the dash more flexibility to slide in the vent base. The vent is designed to be slightly larger than the OEM one to keep the pod from excessively vibrating. Failure to warm up the dash may cause the vent base to crack during install.

2. Remove the side dash panel. (image shown is not an MK4, however this panel is the same in all VW's). 

3. Place a rag in the defrost duct to retain drill shavings. Using the opening above the fuse panel, run your finger up behind the dash to feel for the defrost vent duct. It is thinner, slightly flexible plastic compared to the AC duct. Once you locate it, use a straight pick tool, or small drill bit to check your outlet location in the duct (white arrow).

4.  After verifying your hole location, Enlarge the hole to fit your wiring. Be careful to keep the drill at the same angle, and drill slowly. Check above the dash to make sure you will hit the defrost duct, not the AC duct. 

5. Run the wiring for your gauge up the vent hole then fish it through the stem into the gauge pod. If your gauge is hardwired, you will have to set the gauge in the pod first, then route it down behind the dash. 

6. Install the included adhesive pad along the edge of the pod. Most gauges will friction fit. If it doesn't:

7. Insert the vent base at an angle to seat the edge closest to the windshield. It should be a tight fit. Press the front edge down, while gently rotating the pod base to seat the front tabs. 

8. Rotate to your prefered viewing angle.