Sierra & Silverado 

1500 - (2023 - ?)

2500 - (2024 - ?)

3500 - (2024 -?)

Tools Needed: 

1. Use your pry tool to gently remove the two plastic covers on the pillar handle. There is a clip on the handle end (image left) and a tab on the narrow end (image right). 

2. Use the 10mm to remove the 2 bolts securing the grab handle/pillar. One at the top, and one at the bottom. 

3. There is a clip at the top, and a slot on the bottom. Pull the handle at the top towards the passenger side of the vehicle, then up and out. (speaker grille cover may come off, just press it back into place). 

4. Remove the cover on the driver side of the dash in the door jamb to gain access for running wires. This is held in with clips, gently pry the edge open with a pry tool, and remove. 

5. We need to add a hole for wiring to pass through on the handle. Between the brass washer and clip, there is a circle embossed in the handle. Carefully drill through. Once through, tilt the drill towards the brass washer to 'slot' out the hole. Clean up any sharp edges with a debur tool, or knife. 

6. Check that your wiring connectors will fit through the hole before proceeding. 

7. Plug in the OBD port, then run your wires up the side access panel, and along the pillar behind the dash panel. 


Run the wire through the pillar hole, leaving a small amount of excess to plug in the pod.

Reinstall the side dash cover.  

8. Check that the wire can move freely. 

9. Reinstall the pillar, ensure the clip at the top is seated, and tab is in the slot at the bottom before sliding it down. Reinstall the OEM bolt in the top hole and reinstall the handle cover. 

10. Using the new supplied cover and bolt, install the bottom side of the handle. Ensure the clip on the handle end (image left) is seated before threading in the bolt. 

This only needs to be hand tight, it is just a retaining screw for the handle. Over tightening will crack the panel. 

11. Slide the wiring through the gauge pod, hold the gauge in place, and install the two bolts with the supplied ball Allen key. One is on the back, the other in on the inside edge of the pod. The Allen key will need to be at an angle to access the inner bolt. 

12. Install the gauge. We include adhesive tabs that can be adhered to the inside of the pod to create a friction fit on the gauge. 

Test fit the gauge before peeling off the inner adhesive cover. You often do not need to remove this cover at all.