Sierra & Silverado 

1500 - (2019-2022)

2500 - (2020-2023)

3500 - (2020-2023)

1. Remove the fuse panel cover on the drivers side. Start at the bottom, pry it slightly and get your fingers behind the panel, then pull out. It is retained with clips. 

2. Remove the two T15 torx screws for the panel that houses the drivers side AC vent and let it hang. One screw is on the jamb side, the other is below the panel facing the driver. 

3. Remove the A-pillar. Start by prying the plastic bolt cover off with a bone or trim tool. Remove the two 10mm nuts behind them. Grab the handle, pull towards the passenger side. Once loose, lift up and it should release. 

4. Remove the screw on the door jamb side for the speaker grill (white arrow). Then pop the tabs up with a bone or trim tool. There are three tabs (black arrow)

5. Mount the gauge pod onto the panel using the included hardware. It will only fit on the far right side of the vent opening. The countersunk side of the clamping piece should face the bolt heads. 

6. Depending on the brand of gauge you install, you may need to ship the pod to create a snug fit. We include an adhesive tab that will create friction fit with most gauges. Apply it along the front edge of the pod. Slide in the gauge. If the gauge is loose:

7. Now reinstall in the opposite order: